Nile River Cruise

February 20 - March 2, 2020

Why go south to warmer weather when you can travel to Egypt for a 12-day adventure and capture lifelong memories? Our tentative itinerary will include 7 days cruising the fabulous Nile River and 3 days in Cairo. Sites and places we’ll visit are Giza and the Pyramids and The Sphinx. We embark on our cruise ship with stops at Luxor, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings.

We will also visit the city of Thebes and the striking Temple of Luxor. We cruise the nile visiting the Temple of Horus and disembark to visit the Greco-Roman temple. We continue to Aswan and to Philae Temple and on to Abu Simbel then to Kom Umbo. Our final day we travel to Edfu and visit the Temples of Adybdos before returning to Cairo. We are hoping that the new Egyptian Museum will be open for us to also visit.

If you are interested in this exciting, not-to-be-missed trip, please contact us and we will place your name on the trip list. You will be kept updated as the trip is being formed. There is no obligation and you can request that your name be removed at any time.

To download the brochure, itinerary and forms for this trip, please visit our Forms / Brochures page.