What Our Travelers Are Saying About Us!

"I have told several people already (about the trip). Would only travel with you as a tour. Very pleased about how you cared for each one of us." (Jean Brignone-Tuscany Trip)

"Your flexibility and response to the group at large was very impressive!" (Robin Speidel-Tuscany trip)

"Fun, fun, fun! Great action. Well organized. Good ‘group control”. Sense of humor helped. Excellent trip with very little wait time. Great selection of tour sites and activities (and wine tasting)." (Mary Jo Keating-Tuscany Trip)

"Wayne & Valerie were always responsive. We appreciated their daily visits to ‘check-up’ and address concerns. They did not ‘hover’ and were the perfect hosts. Loved their sense of humor. Both were the best ever. I’d love to adopt M.J. (our guide)." (Gloria Peterson-Alaska trip)

"I thank you so much for all the help with the emails prior to the trip. I felt I could ask you anything and you would get back to me about it. I have told several people that if they are going to travel to go with Someday Travel." (Gloria Peterson-Alaska trip)

"You both were so caring. I appreciated that. Wayne, with your help I understand my camera better. At first (information we provided) it was so overwhelming and trying to keep track of everything---but now so glad we had the information. You did a wonderful job of getting that all together.” " (Judy Stevenson-Alaska trip)

"You two are the best. Thoughtful help(ful) and concerned always, and fun." (Shirley Frieler-Alaska trip)

"It was an awesome trip! It was very well organized, we loved how everyone got along so well and respected each other’s needs"

"We had not one snag! Flight, meals and the company & great feelings within. The group made it even better. Loved the group pictures you sent of Giverny and the Eiffel Tower. Thanks!" Betsy Beardsley

"It was one of the most organized and enjoyable tours I’ve been on"

"Having a team like you two makes for a very enjoyable and safe trip. Your constant accounting of everyone till sleeping time says something about a very responsible business. The vigilance of the tour coordinators made our entrance and exit so smooth. I felt very safe and comfortable traveling alone in this trip. Feels good to know the tour coordinators have you in their best interest in all areas of the tour." Susan Ledesma

"I have been on several tours, but this one was by far the most complete-excellent service!"

"We were expecting a great experience and it was everything we hoped for. Thank You! We actually don’t remember having any concerns but if we did you must have handled them very well. Christine (guide) was incredible. She had a wealth of knowledge at her finger tips as well as being warm, charming and fun. The tour was perfect combination of 'hand holding' if/when needed and the opportunity to do one’s 'own thing'." Joni and Gary Greenfield

"Received a million dollar return on the trip, accommodations, guides and the itinerary was fantastic!"

"The trip (Paris) was well organized. You and Valerie are top notch guides. I don’t think I’d go on any other tour unless you were the leaders. I enjoyed meeting the people in the group. Thanks again for a wonderful time." Sue Weimer