Valerie's Travel Articles

Romance for February

February is a month of romance. Windows are filled with red and pink hearts. Chocolates and roses are cherished and given away as signs of love.

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Free Time - A Bonus When Traveling

Creating memorable moments gives me joy and renews my passion for traveling the world. I truly get very excited when on our “Someday” trip itinerary states, “your evenings are free to explore on your own and to enjoy”.

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A Honeymoon Ten Years Later and a Few Good Stories.

One of the delights of leading tours is hearing wonderful stories form travelers and meeting terrific people.

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The Wonders of Southern France

We recently returned from leading a great group of travelers through the Provence region of France ending with three days in the city of lights, Paris. I am still greeting people with “Bonjour” (hello) and saying “Merci” (thank you).

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Our Favorite Place

If someone were to ask you what is your favorite place to travel to what would you say? Over the past eight years Wayne and I have led tours to at least 14 to 16 countries, so our answer no doubt is a bit different from yours.

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London and the Best of Southern England

We recently returned from a trip to England and became simply enchanted with the Heart of England with its many villages. The name of the area is called the Cotswold region. At times I felt we were in a time machine returning to a place in time where history was encased in one of the best medieval castle in the world, Warwick Castle.

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Cab Drivers and Travel

This is a little off topic as traveling goes but I believe it is one that is worth mentioning. The impetus for writing this topic was that some friends went to Prague on their own recently. They had a wonderful trip but did experience a very harrowing cab drive from the train station to their hotel.

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Three's a Charm

Over the years Wayne and I have met many wonderful couples who enjoy traveling with their best of friends. Two of these couples have just signed up to travel with Someday Travel for their third trip!

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Travelling Alone? Not with Someday Travel!

Over the years we have had single men and women join us on our tours. Some of them may have lost a spouse, or they are eager to travel but their friends are not interested or may be unable to travel with them.

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'Someday' arrives for mother and daughter

In September of 2012, Wayne and I led a trip for Kevin Miller and the Windhover Center for the Arts. This was a most unique travel experience for all 35 fortunate people who joined us as we all experienced the art, wine and foods of Tuscany.

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Trip tips from a someday traveler

Last month we mentioned having some of our travelers share their experiences with our readers, and they are really excited to share some of their thoughts on traveling.

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Stepping out of your comfort zone

One of the many gifts we have received from our many travels is stepping out of the familiar and taking a risk, to experience something new in our lives.

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Now is the best time to travel abroad

It came to me as I rode my bike in Manitowoc on a beautiful paved trail along the shores of Lake Michigan, why would anyone want to travel to Europe during peak tourist season?

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Alaska! An "Outstanding Trip"

Alaska was not on my bucket list, it just was not a make or break of places I absolutely had to see. What a mistake! Our recent trip opened my eyes to a spectacular part of the world.

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Italy was "bello" (beautiful) - jet lag was not (June 2012)

We have returned from nine wonderful days in beautiful Italy! (Sigh) We start planning our trips at least a year and half before the trip actually takes place. Now looking back it seems almost like a dream. Some highlights of our trip follow.

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Packing preparation for overseas trips (April 2012)

Packing is a sensitive topic in our family. Wayne tends to pack light while I tend pack heavy, very heavy actually. I have been known to have to unzip my suitcase at the check-in counter and remove shoes and stuff just to scale down to the mandatory 50 pounds. Since this was a rather embarrassing moment, Wayne bought a hand-held scale so we weigh our luggage prior to leaving home, and hence, no surprises.

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Why it's important to read before you travel (March 2012)

You’re about to experience your trip of a life time. Whether it is to Europe, Alaska, South America or any number of other places, it really doesn’t matter. To make your trip more meaningful, we suggest that you take time to read, and begin months before you depart.

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A group tour may be the right trip for you (Feb 2012)

Our business is to lead groups on tours throughout the world. We think it gives us a unique perspective to respond to the question of "is a trip with a tour group right for me?"

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Protect your next trip with travel insurance (Jan 2012)

Travel can be fun, exciting and a great way to see the world and meet new people. It also can be a major fi nancial investment particularly if you are traveling outside of the United States. The type of insurance you purchase and what it covers can protect you from major loss if purchased thoughtfully.

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The uniqueness of traveling outside the US (Dec 2011)

Souvenirs are not the only thing we have returned with when we travel outside the United States. More often than not, Wayne and I return with stories and memories of amazing people, capturing so many insights into cultural.

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